DEAR YONI contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature and is not suitable for readers or viewers under the age of 18.



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DEAR YONI is a novel about a young woman’s journey from unconscious, to conscious sexuality.

DEAR YONI is written in the form of a pillow book: an intimate collection of letters and memories written by our heroine, Jessica, as she tries to make sense of her relationships, her sexuality, her experiences and her life.

DEAR YONI is lighthearted, funny and irreverent. Sometimes it's naughty... sometimes downright scandalous! It's also uplifting and often deeply touching.


Is DEAR YONI for you?

Have you ever felt a deep yearning for something more in your sex life?

More intimacy, a deeper connection, a desire to be completely seen, and met, by your lover, on every possible level?

Have you ever thought, just like the main character in this book does, that there surely has to be more to sex than simply a mutual scratching of an itch, or a momentary, short-lived release?

Do you yearn to connect your sexuality with your spirituality?

Do you feel, on some soul-deep level, that there could be something deeply sacred about your sexuality? Something that remains forever tantalisingly out of reach in ‘normal’ sexual interactions?

Then this book is for you.

Because, as you will discover, there really is much, much, oh, so much, more to sex!

Join Jessica, our young protagonist, in her search for deeper intimacy, connection and meaning. You're sure to have a lot of fun... and possibly learn a thing or two along the way!



lisamug1Hi, my name is Lisa. I’m an author and a spiritual seeker.

Along my own journey towards more conscious sexuality, I have often experienced a powerful urge to make people aware of the fact that we have been sadly misinformed about sex by our current society. Even though we use sex to sell everything, from alcohol to motor vehicles, from perfume to burgers, we actually have a very narrow and limited idea of what sex is all about. And we really have no framework available to us for discussing sex and our sexuality in a creative and productive way. This is a topic which is either ridiculed or taboo or fraught with minefields in ‘polite’ discourse.

However, far from being something shameful or distasteful; far from being of procreational or recreational value only; our sexuality can actually become a pathway to the Divine.

Dare I say it… a path to enlightenment.

But, even if this isn’t a path that everyone would, or should, choose to follow, sex remains an area which is sadly lacking in consciousness.

This book is my own, sincere, attempt to try and shine the light of consciousness on this crucially important, and sadly misunderstood, area of our shared human experience.


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I am releasing DEAR YONI as a series of podcasts, read by yours truly!

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Author Foreword and Prologue 

Chapter 1: Three Years Ago - The Journey Begins

Chapter 2: Learning From the Professionals & Chapter 3: The Games People Play

Chapter 4: Getting into the Swing of Things

Chapter 5: All About a Girl & Chapter 6: Odd One Out

Chapter 7: It Ends With a Whimper

Chapter 8: Dreaming of a Different Future & Chapter 9: All Tied up in Knots

Chapter 10: Who's Been a Bad Girl Then?!

Chapter 11: Connecting Sex and Spirit

Chapter 12: Me, Myself and I

Chapter 13: Releasing the Past

Chapter 14: A Tick in Every Box & Chapter 15: Energy Connection at a Distance

Chapter 16: Why Should it Ever Have to End?

Chapter 17: A Walk on the Hippy Side

Chapter 18: The Nectar of the Gods

Chapter 19: Connecting all the Dots

Chapter 20: A Dream Comes True




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