DEAR YONI contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature and is not suitable for readers or viewers under the age of 18.

I am releasing DEAR YONI as a series of podcasts, read by yours truly!

Every Thursday afternoon you will be able to download, and listen to, the latest chapter, right here on this webpage.

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Author Foreword and Prologue 

Chapter 1: Three Years Ago - The Journey Begins

Chapter 2: Learning From the Professionals & Chapter 3: The Games People Play

Chapter 4: Getting into the Swing of Things

Chapter 5: All About a Girl & Chapter 6: Odd One Out

Chapter 7: It Ends With a Whimper

Chapter 8: Dreaming of a Different Future & Chapter 9: All Tied up in Knots

Chapter 10: Who's Been a Bad Girl Then?!

Chapter 11: Connecting Sex and Spirit

Chapter 12: Me, Myself and I

Chapter 13: Releasing the Past

Chapter 14: A Tick in Every Box & Chapter 15: Energy Connection at a Distance

Chapter 16: Why Should it Ever Have to End?

Chapter 17: A Walk on the Hippy Side

Chapter 18: The Nectar of the Gods

Chapter 19: Connecting all the Dots

Chapter 20: A Dream Comes True