DEAR YONI contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature and is not suitable for readers or viewers under the age of 18.


lisamug1Hi, my name is Lisa. I’m an author and a spiritual seeker.

Along my own journey towards more conscious sexuality, I have often experienced a powerful urge to make people aware of the fact that we have been sadly misinformed about sex by our current society. Even though we use sex to sell everything, from alcohol to motor vehicles, from perfume to burgers, we actually have a very narrow and limited idea of what sex is all about. And we really have no framework available to us for discussing sex and our sexuality in a creative and productive way. This is a topic which is either ridiculed or taboo or fraught with minefields in ‘polite’ discourse.

However, far from being something shameful or distasteful; far from being of procreational or recreational value only; our sexuality can actually become a pathway to the Divine.

Dare I say it… a path to enlightenment.

But, even if this isn’t a path that everyone would, or should, choose to follow, sex remains an area which is sadly lacking in consciousness.

This book is my own, sincere, attempt to try and shine the light of consciousness on this crucially important, and sadly misunderstood, area of our shared human experience.